Spy Photos: 2008 BMW M3 Sedan

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The next-gen M3 may be the most anticipated new BMW since the Baroque Angel. It's also been the subject of more spy photos than George Clooney's chin cleft. Now that we're pretty sure the new, V8-powered eMmer won't be launching until the fall of 2007 (but for a rumored "concept car" at the Geneva show), we can just fire them off — like these of a sedan version in transit — as they appear. Or, in this case, two days after. [UPDATE: M3Post.com has new shots of the coupeish M3 in shakedown testing. Thanks to Lau for the tip.]


New M3 - Saloon [German Car Scene]

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Me? I would take the MSRP of the new M3, and buy one of each of the two previous generations.

Ugh. It was a mistake when they made the E36 M3 sedan. Sure it wasn't much slower than the coupe, but it almost seems unholy to put an extra set of doors on an M3.

Either way, this new one is ug-ly.