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It's not the XC90 R super bus we've been wanting the Fordie Swedes to build since we saw this tuner, but Europeans will get a sportier XC90 SUV, for better or worse. It's the Volvo XC90 Sport, a new version of the family bus that's tuned for crisper handling. According to the company, it''s got a "dynamic" sport chassis, stiffer anti-roll bars, firmer shock absorbers, a sport-tuned, speed-dependent steering system, and larger, 19" wheels. Volvo's self-leveling system, Nivomat, is standard in both the five and seven seat models. It'll be available to Europeans โ€” no US model announced yet [UPDATE: It'll arrive on US shores in late '06 - ed.] โ€” in 4.4-liter V8, 3.2-liter six and inline-five diesel engines. Click through for an eyeful.

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