Spoil Sport: Porsche Boss Could Take Away VW's "Toys"

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Porsche CEO Wendelin "Wunderkind" Wiedeking says the company has no plans to port Porsche's very precise management style and Bruce ber Alles ethos to Volkswagen, despite an increasing ownership stake. Wiedeking told Automobile News that he wouldn't seek greater control than a spot on the supervisory board. He also said VW could one day become as successful as Toyota, but that in order to mine the gold locked in Volkswagen's geological strata, "you have to dig day and night." Of course, more telling is this quote, a reaction to the question of Bugatti and Lamborghini's fate: "no toys anymore." Or should that read "no competition anymore."


It's Expected, He's Gone: Bernhard No Longer to Represent Vee Dub; Porsche Shoots for All the Marbles: Considers Suing German Government for Control of VW [internal]

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...So this means what?

Bugatti and Lamborghini are gone in 5 years? Or that Lambo owners are stuck with e-gear and don't get DCT toys?