"Splinter" Apparently Popular Name For Wooden Cars

Illustration for article titled "Splinter" Apparently Popular Name For Wooden Cars

The Splinter wooden supercar we saw last week is apparently going to be the second car bearing the foreboding moniker. Artist Isaac Cohen displayed his version of a wooden car named Splinter a couple of weeks ago at the Houston Art Car Parade. The gull-wing wonder is the result of thousands of hours of work and while we're not to certain about the styling direction, at least it doesn't have a Bangle-butt. We'd be intrigued to see what this thing does in a wind tunnel, but have our reservations about this Splinter's crash worthiness.




Crash likeliness is also pretty bad, what with all them fat pillars. And why bother using wood-which can be so easily contoured-to make such a slabby box?