Out of all the old Fords at the Billetproof Nor-Cal show, this one may have been our very favorite (yes, even beating out the undeniably awesome Maserati-powered Ford). Why? It's really a Malaise Era Ford Granada! Jump away to get the rest of the story.

Its creator had a bare, beat-to-hell shell sitting on one side of the garage… and a $100 '79 Ford Granada sitting on the other side. You can see where this is going, right? For a budget of less than a thousand bucks, he handcrafted most of the bodywork (including a grille made from a household wall-heater grate), dropped in the Granada drivetrain- dead-stock 302 engine, C4 transmission, driveshaft, rear end, with some $3 Honda Accord springs holding the back end up, then installed the Granada interior as well. Tilt steering wheel, green vinyl, speedometer, the works! The attention to detail- and obsession with building the whole project as cheaply as possible- is absolutely amazing. The fuel tank is made from a pair of 5-gallon jerry cans cut and welded together, for example, and the wood trim is made from baseboards salvaged out of an old house. This guy has 20 other cool cars, including the evil-looking machine parked next to this one, a show-quality '62 Corvette, etc., yet the Granada Rod is the one that gets the most miles. No, it doesn't have any skulls or vintage Pabst cans, and the owner isn't completely covered in ink, but we're going to give this Ford the Jalopnik Best Of Show Award, hands down.