Spirit Airlines Will Reward You For Sharing Your Hate

Spirit Airlines, the shameless low-budget carrier who brought you other promotions such as their M.I.L.F. sale, and "We're Having a Threesome" is now encouraging you to share your hate toward their airline, and giving away free miles to those who participate.

The video begins with "Air travel can suck. We get it. You wouldn't believe all the hate Spirit's heard." It then goes on to explain how their product is simply "a cheap seat for a cheap ass" and that they're really doing us a favor by having less leg room on the planes and charging for luggage and even water.


Throughout the video, the two performers also recite some of the hate-filled tweets Spirit has received, including shout-outs to the people who sent them. Spirit obviously attends the school of thought in which there's no such thing as bad publicity. The video was created to promote a website, hatethousandmiles.com, where travelers will be rewarded with eight thousand Spirit miles for sharing their bad experiences with the airline.

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