Spies Say The Next-Gen Ford Raptor 'Sounds Like An EcoBoost V6'

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Spy shots of been cropping up here and there of the next-generation Ford Raptor. They pretty much look like regular Raptors with weird rags draped over the grille, but a photographer has finally reported something interesting about it: apparently it sounds like a turbo V6.

AutoGuide grabbed some images from Chris Doane Automotive photography, and made the observation that the mule-in-Raptor-clothing was missing the current model's trademark blue shocks in addition to having an unusual sound.

This is admittedly flimsy evidence of a powerplant change for the truck, but it's enough to keep me titillated that a boosted Raptor might be in the pipeline. Ford has already confirmed that the 2015 Super Duty will hang on to the 6.2 V8 it shares with the Raptor, so perhaps Ford's factory desert racer will be refreshed with a turbo engine in 2016. Maybe even... a turbo V8? [Homer Simpson drool].


Image: Ford (Modified by Andrew P. Collins)

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The Fox shocks make the truck ride so nice, until they wear out at 50,000 miles and you realize it's $2400 to replace them or ship them off for a rebuild.