Spend it Like Beckham: One Footballer's Cars

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Being from the states, we don't know many footballers (though we once saw a guy on the subway who looked like Robinho). But we know they're mad notorious for dropping the wikkidest of loot on their whippity-whoos (or whatever). Luxury Launches takes inventory of Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham's stable of machines, which includes a Ferrari 550M, an Aston Martin DB7, a TVR Cerbera, Porsche 911 Turbo, a Land Rover 4.6 HSE, a Jaguar XKR and several armor plated BMWs (750i, 540i, X5) — which he bought to keep Brooklyn and Posh (sorry, Victoria) from harm. He also reportedly turned down an offer from Ferrari to buy one of its Enzo FXXs. Priorities, priorities.

Football players and their cars - David Beckham [Luxury Launches]

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