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Speedy Smart: The GSXR-powered "Smartuki"

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With zero-to-60 times of a stock Smart Fortwo most accurately reckoned with a sundial, 4.9 seconds seems like an exersize in hyperspace. Still, that's exactly the figure builders of this Suzuki GSXR1000-powered Smart achieved, with technical aid from the UK's Seton racing and tuning shop Z Cars. The moto motor that powers the Fortwo has been upclocked to 180hp — a long way from the stock model's 60hp — with a redline of 13,000rpm, and linked to a Cosworth differential. Too much power for a road-egg to handle? Not exactly. It nearly matched a Mistubishi Evo FQ-330 in an Autosport Magazine head-to-head test.


Smart Car plus GSXR equals Smartuki, a VERY Smart Car [The Kneeslider]

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