So crap about the Wachowski Bros. new proto-anime-animation colored in Superman ice cream notwithstanding, the two new trailers revealed this weekend for Speed Racer are finally giving us auto-lovers a real live Racergasm. Some of the new driving sequences, although fantastically fantastic n' fake looking, are even starting to grow on us a little. But then of course this whole thing requires us to suspend disbelief — especially when Speed Racer whips out the strange clutch-less hold at race-start he's got going on (unless he's got some 4th pedal in there for like "turbo" or something). But whatevs, it is a movie, isn't it? We'll suspend disbelief. Are you interested in more? Then check out the Jalopnik Speed Racer tag for our full coverage — including the Mach 5 live and in the flesh (or you can just hit the jump to see that) — and then head on over to our sister site obsessed with sci-fi to catch a glimpse at their hard-core Speed Racer action.


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