Spectator Injured In Huge Daytona Crash Settles NASCAR Lawsuit

Photo credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Photo credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Spectator William Fulton settled his lawsuit against NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway, and the track’s parent company International Speedway Corporation, reports ESPN. Fulton was allegedly injured by debris from a massive last-lap crash that sent Austin Dillon’s car into the catch fence.


Fulton filed the paperwork to drop the lawsuit on Thursday after reaching a confidential out-of-court settlement last Tuesday. He claimed that he had been hit in the head and shoulder while shielding his wife from the crash. Fulton was sitting in Row 6 at Daytona.

Fulton did not specify how he was injured in the lawsuit or request a specific amount in damages—he only specified that he had not completely recovered from those injuries.


While we likely will not know the details of the settlement, ESPN notes that tracks are required by NASCAR to carry $50 million in liability insurance in case of situations like this.

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I just don’t understand the litigious society we live in. A similar thing happened at my local short track this year. A fan was hit by debris during a Supermodified race. I’m unsure if the track covered his medical expenses, but the guy didn’t sue the track and was back 2 weeks later (albeit a few rows higher than before).

Sometimes bad stuff happens, and as long as ISC/NASCAR were willing to fairly compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, ect. (They’d be foolish not to as this can be a PR nightmare), then why the lawsuit?