Spectacular Suicide Attempt In Dodge Van Foiled By Pesky Cliff

They say, “Go out with a bang.” A Colorado man got the “bang” part right, but failed on the “out” when he attempted suicide by driving his van over a precipice in Colorado.

34-year-old Daniel J. Lyons and his sweet 1987 Dodge van bounced down the rocky side of the canyon at Colorado National Monument park this past Wednesday only to be brought to an abrupt halt by an outcropping. Rescue workers found him teetering over the 170-foot drop. Eventually, a litter was lowered over the edge and Lyons was pulled to safety.


Lyons is adamant the incident was an accident, but investigators couldn’t find any skid marks or other signs of mishap, indicating this was, in fact, likely a suicide attempt. The van will remain perched on the cliff below Rim Rock Drive until authorities find a way to remove it or gravity has its way. [via The Denver Post]

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