Special Edition LFA Brings Price Tag Closer To $500K

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The base price of the limited edition Lexus LFA is $375,000 MSRP. The even more limited edition Nürburgring Package will run $465,000 thanks to a $70K sport package and $20K matte black paint.


Lexus is only building 50 copies of the Nürburgring Special Edition, and to make it worth the extra $70K they're adding a whopping ten additional horses to the 4.8-liter V10 for a total of 562 HP. The package also includes a larger spoiler and wings, as well as dive planes up front, all of which are carbon fiber and designed to keep your now $445K Lexus planted to the ground. They've also thrown in the standard "sports tuning," new wheels-and-tires and a reconfigured transmission for slightly quicker shifts.

If the price seems a little unimpressive for you, the final carbon fiber nail in the platinum coffin is the matte black paint job for $20K. If you ever see one of these on the street feel free to point, laugh and loudly exclaim to anyone within audible range that "This moron paid $20,000 for paint!"


Lexus simultaneously sent out a press release announcing they've chopped the prices on their F-sport suspension offerings. When you charge $20K for paint you can afford to be generous.