Speaking Of Crusher-Bound 80s Two-Seaters, How About This Nissan Pulsar NX?

One very 80s automotive phenomenon was the two-seater commuter car. Of all of them, only the Honda CRX had real staying power; the others mostly disappeared. Still, junkyard archeologists sometimes turn up some interesting bones.


Last week, we saw this junked Mercury LN7, and one of its competitors from back in the day was located just a few rows away: this '84 Nissan Pulsar NX.

The Pulsar NX (sold in Europe as the Pulsar EXA) was a two-seater with a great deal of Sentra ancestry. This one managed to survive with just two seats and no cup holders through just about the entire rise and fall of the SUV, yet now it will be joining all those Clunkerized Explorers in the cold steel jaws of The Crusher.

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