Spam of the Day? No, We Don't Sell Detroit Lockers

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Dear Sir,

My name is Acheng Sebashing, Purchase Mgr. in BEDEVURE CV. I'm just visited your website and so i decide to make an order from you Here's my inquiry :

-DETROIT LOCKER jEEP Toyota FJ 40 Qty: 20 Unit

Do you have in stock ?
Please Calculated your best price for total of order include shipping cost. Do you ship worldwide ( Singapore ) accept credit card for the paymentmethod. Please let me know because i would make some business with your company.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks and Regards,

Acheng Sebashing.


Jalopnik Has No Good Cotomer Sevis [Internal]


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Reminds me:

Davey, do you have a spare rear differential lying around for a 1980 RX-7? Mine's making a weird clicking during 1st and 2nd gears and I'm quickly tiring of hearing it.

No? You have horrible cotomer sevis. You just lost a sale.