File this under "stuff that boils our blood." Police in San Bernadino and Riverside counties have apparently been thinking of new ways to ensure kids stay alive, though bored senseless. According to the Los Angeles Times six cars were crushed to death after courts (apparently side-stepping the Fourth Amendment) gave police the okay to do so. The crushed cars had one thing in common, they all contained stolen parts. In the case of Charles Hoang and the transmission in his 350 hp Acura Integra, he had unknowingly purchased the hot goods. Hoang had the receipt, but the cops — taking a zero-tolerance stand — literally could not have cared less about said documentation, and Hoang's car was fed to the maw. We think this whole thing stinks, so we're going to speed home and pour out a 40 oz on the sidewalk in mourning.

Officials move to stamp out street races [LA Times – image courtesy Vallejo Times-Herald]

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