Can a 789 horsepower Ferrari V12 possibly sound better than a twin-turbo Koenigsegg V8 producing one megawatt of holy force? I guess it’s about time we find out!


Koenigsegg’s test driver Robert Serwanski went to Suzuka Circuit with one of the five One:1s in existence and came back with a video showing a warm up lap followed by a hot one with a passenger who attempts to shoot a vertical mobile video while enjoying the benefits of 1,341 horsepower. Well done!

In the red corner, we have Paul Bailey, the guy from Britain who has it all. In this case, all includes a customized LaFerrari which he likes to take to race track like Silverstone. Good man!


Admirably, the One:1 video’s sound quality is better, but that Ferrari V12 still won’t give up this match without a fight!

2015 is the year of a thousand horsepower becoming the five hundred horsepower of yesterday.

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