Sorry Mom's Cadillac Sucks At Getting Mad Air

Gif: DaltonMarshall7 (YouTube)

There’s not much else to do with an old, tired car besides build a ramp up to heaven and send it. That’s what these enterprising gentlemen did with a 1980s Sedan de Ville that really, really doesn’t sound good anymore, and surprise: that big old smoking V8 just barely gets the job done anymore.

The thumbnail is from something else. Definitely not this car.

I don’t think this poor old car has enough power left in it to do a proper launch off of their homemade ramps, but they’re trying! Oh, they’re trying.


Sorry about your car, Mom. The first one seemed to be its last good jump. Now all it wants to do is nose down back to earth instead of flying gracefully through the air.

May I recommend rallying it anyway?

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