Maybe we're being a bit cruel by throwing California Mille founder and noted classic-car raconteur Martin Swig's son, David, under his dad's vintage bus for calling his new car show "Motoring J-Style." But then again, Martin's never shied away from looking like a dork, either. We just hope that Swig The Younger pulls it off with as much aplomb as his dad does. And we can certainly get behind his cause. It's a Japanese car show at the Solano County Fairgrounds that'll showcase everything from Toyopets to T-Types. Okay. Not T-Types. Regardless, we totally back vintage iron from the land where the sun also rises (yeah, we like the Leon Cupra, too). So subtract the Buicks and the SEATs, keep the turbochargers, and if you're rollin' correct in or around the V, give it a check-out.

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