Son Of Russian Oil Exec Got Away With Police Chase Livestream For Not Wanting To Appear Weak

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Ruslan Shamsuarov, the 20-year old son of the Vice President of Russia’s second-largest oil company Lukoil, suffered no consequence for his involvement in a police chase that was broadcast live on Periscope. His excuse being that his friend who was driving the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG did “not want to appear weak.”

A nine minute recording of the Periscope stream shows Shamsuarov and his friends laughing and joking during the chase with police through Moscow. The driver raced the G63, which is owned by Shamsuarov, through traffic in the rain at high speeds, running red lights, driving on walkways, and at one point they appear to cut through what looks to be a small park.

According to RT, the “golden gang” later fled on foot before being apprehended in a park. Later that day they were released with only the driver facing a punishment of a fine amounting to $75, despite a live recording of him breaking over a dozen traffic laws.


As for the the oil VP’s son and owner of the G63 in question:

As for Shamsuarov-junior, he did proffer an apology, after a dozen Russian news outlets reported the incident. In an interview with Life News he claimed that “it will never happen again” and apologized to “anyone who could have witnessed these events.” He also defended his friend the driver, saying that he kept going because “the boys teased him” and “he did not want to appear weak.

I’ll have to remember that one the next time a State Trooper has me eating asphalt.


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