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Sometimes Watching Stunting Go Wrong Is Pure Hilarity

It doesn't matter if there's not a lot you know about the car subculture of "donks," but you can sure as hell tell when something goes wrong. So comically wrong that you feel bad for the guy, sure, but you're still having trouble catching your breath from laughing so hard. This is one of those times.


Look, I'm pretty well ensconced in my "tuned" Hondas and my pretty much stock BMWs, and I'm still learning a lot about car subcultures I don't know about. Which is why I had to consult Raphael Orlove's excellent guide on "donks." I mean, I've seen a few around in Dallas and Atlanta, and even here in Japan once or twice, but I never knew much about them. It's okay to admit when we don't know something. That's why we get answers like this:

Well, donks are usually big, old American cars, and they often have flashy, tongue-in-cheek paint schemes, but yeah, all it takes to be a donk is big wheels....It's like jewelry for your car. Back in the '90s if you wanted to brag about how much money you're making you could get 20 inch wheels, those are dubs. They'd be chrome, or they'd have spinners. Then you could brag about having 22s, then 24s, 26s, and on to a brief flirtation with 40s. Things have pretty much leveled out at 30 inch rims by now, though.


Okay, so big wheels. Got it. Big wheels which are actually hilarious when they fall off from doing stupid shit.

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