Someone Left This 720-Mile C6 Corvette Z06 In A Storage Unit And Now It's On eBay

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Storage units are great for all of the stuff you should get rid of but can’t because it’s sentimental, or all of the stuffy furniture and decor you’ll definitely display once you’re able to afford a mansion with three living rooms. Storage units are not great for a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that’s barely driven 700 miles.

But that’s what someone did, in the heinous act of abandoning a nearly new C6 Corvette Z06 with a manual transmission. It ended up on eBay, where the seller, claiming to be a car shop in Georgia, said in the listing description that it was found abandoned in a unit.


Yes: A Z06 that’s barely been touched, and which the eBay seller said has never been registered, wound up in a storage unit. Its 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 barely knew what the sun looked like before being locked away, and all of its supercar potential barely got to see the road. It’s hard to imagine why someone put it away like this instead of, maybe, selling it? Or driving it?

The eBay description didn’t say how long the car had been in the storage unit, but this model has been around for about a decade and the Carfax screenshots on the listing say there are no records for the car since January 2010.


If anything, it looks like it’s been in there for a long time. The seller pulled it out scratched and covered in dust, and said the bumper has a crack from a moving company loading it. The seller said it’s not a stolen car after checking the VIN, and that it comes with no paperwork or title. It’s on new tires, according to the eBay description, and the only thing the seller’s done to it is change the fluids.

The auction ends in just over a day, and the bidding is currently at $50,200—nearly $20,000 higher than it was this time on Wednesday. This poor soul didn’t get the appreciation it deserved in its first 10 years of life, but someone with a small fortune to drop on it will probably make up for that now.


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