Someone Is Finally Making Parking Signs That Make Sense

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Parking violations are a lose-lose situation. Drivers obviously lose because they have to pay substantial fines. But those fines are levied by local governments because having cars blocking the way at crucial times is costly for a city. Unfortunately for both parties, parking signage typically ranges from confusing at best to misleading at worst, leading to a lot of parking tickets that don’t need to happen. Finally, someone has figured out a workable solution.

Los Angeles, one of the trickiest parking cities in the wold, is launching a new sign this weekend that will make parking restrictions easier to understand. Using a simple chart, drivers can figure out whether they’re allowed to park in a spot at a given time, or whether they’ll be ticketed or towed. If you understand how to look at a Google Calendar, you can understand this sign:


This pilot program will test out 100 of the new signs over a period of 6 months. If the results are successful, the new and improved signs will replace these nightmares all over the city:


The program’s champions hope to also equip each sign with Bluetooth capability so users with smartphones can simply check an app to see if they are parked illegally. The new signs and this Bluetooth feature would be especially helpful for out-of-towners and non-English speakers attempting to park.


There is some debate about how successful the program would have to be to improve citation revenue for the city, but for drivers, this should be a welcome change.

(via the LA Times)

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