Someone Help This Poor, Helpless Lamborghini Find His Way

Someone help this poor, hopeless Lamborghini. The No. 46 Huracán GT3 of EBi Motors got hopelessly, ridiculously lost after plowing off the track at Daytona’s bus stop turn just after seven hours into tonight’s Rolex 24.


Unfortunately, it happened during a commercial break on Fox Sports 2, so all we get is the shortened recut, but the No. 46 was out there for a couple minutes, not realizing that his road to nowhere wasn’t going to go anywhere he needed to be.

Our best guess is that his GPS was recalculating. And recalculating. And recalculating. Hey, data service can be iffy inside a busy speedway. Maybe that’s it?

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Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness

Total newb, my son wanted to watch so we are, he wants to know - why do some of them have flashing tail lights?

-9 yr old boy, whose dad is not a racing fan.