Someone Finally Let An Aston Martin Cygnet Do Its Job

(Image Credits: XterraGonnaGiveItToYou)

The Aston Martin Cygnet has always been a bit of a bad joke, though we never really figured out if its designers were kidding. Grafting the front of a Vantage onto the compact body of a Cozy Coupe, I mean Toyota iQ, was never going to be pretty but it happened anyway. And it looks like at least one is daily driven.

Jalopnik reader XterraGonnaGiveItToYou spotted this street parked baby swan in France and says: “Not only did some poor schmuck buy this this, but they’ve beat the crap out of it.”


Indeed, this abbreviated Aston looks to be wearing battle damage from regular city driving. Which, actually, is kind of awesome. Whoever’s behind the wheel of this thing is basically the ultimate automotive hipster, since their car is both rare and ironic.

The Cygnet was ostensibly “built” so that Aston could improve its overall average fuel economy figures, but I still think it was actually the result of a lost bet. Never bet the Aston, guys. Remember the bad guy in Casino Royale?

Looks like the guy in the glasses is as excited to spot a wild Cygnet as I would be.

Anyway, the awkward little experiment in downsized luxury was concluded when Aston Martin’s redressed Toyota was quietly discontinued in 2013.

I’ve never even seen pictures of one being driven on actual streets by an actual person, let alone catch one on the road in real life, which is why I had to share the images of this magical moment with all of you.


Let’s be glad somebody has the sense of humor to let this Cygnet fly and spread joy to the world.


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