Someone Buy Me This Amazing $50,000 Saturn 'Art Car'

See that, you philistine? That's "art" you see up there. And one of you should buy it for me for the low, low price of $50,000. Because I work hard and I deserve it.

Up for grabs on Miami Craigslist is this offering of "ART that is a car," or a 1998 Saturn that has been transformed into damn masterpiece.


The missing roof panel? The damaged bumper? The random holes throughout? The dollar sign wheel covers? Never in my life have I seen a work of art that commands such a high degree of respect from educated people such as myself who know what art is really all about.

From the posting:

For Sale: an amazing deal! We have for sale a unique work of art that you can also drive. Wanna impress your highschool sweatheart at your twentieth year school reunion? Wanna surprise your kids with something OUTRAGEOUS! Or have you worked really hard lately and need to give yourself a BIG BONUS! This ART (that is a car) is for you, buddy!. This ART (that is a car) was refurbished by artist Justin Long with assistance provided by Robert "Meatball, because I taste like a meatball" Lorie. Year of manufacture: the future. When you can buy this: today. $50,000 O.B.O. ! Don't let it get away!!!!

I've been a fan of Robert "Meatball, because I taste like a meatball" Lorie for some time now, and the chance to own one of his works is one I cannot pass up.

Please purchase it and have it delivered to my home immediately, one of you. Chop chop.


Here is the full listing if the post disappears:


Hat tip to Gramps!

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