Somehow Much Better Than an Excursion Limo: 18-Place Travelall on eBay

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We think if we were going to drive a stretch vehicle, this International Travelall would pretty much have to be it. This '71 model is apparently one of 24 converted for use on military bases. Featuring a 392-inch V8 for what we can only imagine was marginally-adequate acceleration. That said, nobody ever bought an International for its speed. Bidding ends on January 3rd and it's just over 3k at the moment, but this thing looks like an absolute hoot. This would make a fine Jalopnik mobile-blogging staff car. Denton, please fire up your eBay account and buy it us. Pleeeeeeease?

1971 INTERNATIONAL 1210 18 PASS. LIMO [eBay]

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