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Somehow A Tuned Nissan Juke-R Is Nearly As Fast As A Bugatti

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today, you are about to see a Nissan Juke drag race a Bugatti Veyron and nearly win. Really. And no, you have not been zapped into a parallel universe where the laws of physics and nature as you understand them no longer apply.

Actually, this isn't just any old Juke - it's the Juke-R, the one with the Nissan GT-R guts, of which only about 20 were ever produced. And this one has had its juice turned up from 545 horsepower to 700 horsepower.


Still, a Veyron is a Veyron, and this drag race is truly surprising to watch. The bigger, badder car wins in the end — assuming its driver was going flat out — but only just by a nose. It's remarkable how close they were.

Maybe keep this video in mind the next time you diss the Juke.

UPDATE: As reader artem9000 points out, the car in this video isn't "the" Nissan Juke-R, but rather "a" Nissan Juke-R copy built by Russian tuners at Shpili-Villi Motorsports. It seems like they made a similar car by using a GT-R engine and other components, an effort I have to say I find extremely impressive.


Hat tip to Autoblog!