Somebody Turned A Land Rover Into A Driveable Pizza Oven

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

"The Mobile Pizzeria" is shop in jolly old England that's all about (you guessed it) portable pizza cookers. Their latest piece of kit is pizza oven built into a road-registered Land Rover Defender.

Apparently they've got a thing for naming hardware, the Land Rover dubbed "Scarlette" will join a trailer-based pizza cooker called "Irene."

Maybe one of you lucky Englanders will give it a try and report back to us. Just make sure you pick out the flecks of rust before you take a bite! Just kiddin', this Defender looks like it's great shape. And if the kitchen runs out of oil they can just duck under the chassis! OKAY now I'm done for real.


Joking aside this Rover looks a whole lot less dodgy than some of the food trucks I've eaten from.

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Reminds me of this REO Speed Wagon truck that would occasional come to my college. Man did they make good pizza. Place is called Nomad Pizza and they also had brick and mortar restaurant in Hopewell, NJ.