No, Officer, Those Are Speed Holes

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Photo: Caerphilly Officers (Twitter)

Cops in Wales are looking for someone, or uh, some thing, that left a pick axe embedded in the hood of a street-parked Citroën DS 3 on Feb. 5. Whether this was an attempt at modern art, some creepy supernatural omen, or just the work someone who saw a clip of Homer Simpson adding “speed holes” to his own car, remains unclear.


This image was posted today by the official Twitter page for Caerphilly Officers, and the replies did not disappoint. By which I mean–it’s pretty much all .gifs of Homer dressed as Krusty the Klown axing the hood of the Simpson family sedan.


I know The Simpsons is a cultural touchstone for many of you, but still, it’s amazing that so many are still getting a reference to a cartoon clip that’s almost 25 years old. So maybe we can put your keen observational skills to productive use–if you know anything about what happened here, I’m sure the neighborhood is actually quite concerned. Please call the police.

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It could have been worse.