The Subaru WRX From Baby Driver Just Sold For $69,100

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The red 2006 Subaru WRX only makes a brief but memorable appearance in the opening act of this summer’s hit heist movie Baby Driver, but it would appear it made quite the impact considering the price one of the stunt cars just sold for on eBay.


When we initially discovered (one of) Baby Driver’s stunt WRXs on eBay, the auction bidding was at $19,000, which had some of us already declaring it too expensive for what it was worth.

Take into account the specific car in question was modified to be rear-wheel drive for the particular drifting stunts it was built to accomplish in the movie, along with some other minor upgrades, and you have a WRX that’s not exactly even a WRX anymore.

The winning bid after a week-long auction on eBay for the Baby Driver WRX came in at a staggering $69,100. It seems the camera takes off ten pounds and increases value ten-fold, because that’s a ridiculous sum for a likely-beat-to-shit half-wheel drive WRX with 168,000 miles on the clock.

If you’re the lucky winner of the car, reach out to us at We’d love to meet up with you and see the car at some point. Maybe we can check out filming locations in Atlanta with it and reminisce one of the better summer movies this year.

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Everyone pays too much money for a used Subaru.