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If you read The Onion as your only source of news, you'd be under the impression that Vice President Joe Biden is a Coors Light-drinking, Trans Am-driving, Dave and Buster's-banned, womanizing former Senator from the great state of Delaware.

While most of that isn't actually true, a group is trying to make part of it come to life.


Biden's fictional Trans Am has been a running gag since The Onion decided on Biden's satirical persona. A grassroots group loves the idea of Vice President Biden owning a Trans Am so much that they have started an indiegogo project to buy VP Biden a Trans AM.

The group is working to raise $25,000 to buy the car for Biden so that he can ride around Washington in style this election season — and then the car will actually be auctioned off with the money to "be distributed to the Biden Breast Health Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, the Wounded Warrior Project and GLAAD."

So far, they have raised just $920 towards their goal. There are only 48 days left to help get the Vice President a sweet car to wash in the White House driveway while he reminisces about his awesome summer of 1987.

(Hat Tip to Takashi!)

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