Some Lucky Person in Kansas City Got to Play Mario Kart On a Baseball Stadium's Huge Screen

A brief and wonderful mystery played out over Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, on Tuesday morning as a news chopper caught someone playing a round of Mario Kart on the ballpark’s big screen.


Thousands of Mario Kart fans were instantly overjoyed when KCTV5 posted this video on Twitter:


Can you imagine? Rounding a few laps as Yoshi on a screen that big? I bet the blue shell wipeouts are extra brutal blown up like that.

While I hoped the game was being played by, I dunno, wise old ballpark janitors who had started up an unlikely friendship with a rookie outfielder, the actual reason is somehow much sweeter. Royals Charity, a nonprofit in association with the baseball team, auctions off big screen time at their events, according to the Kansas City Star. The proceeds go to benefit children, education and youth baseball programs. The game appears to have been part of an event for that organization.

This means that you can give to a worthy cause and make all of your friends hate you and your mad video game skills all in one go.

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Hayden Lorell

K, so, fun story, I’ve kinda done this before but on a slightly smaller (yet still big) scale.

My best friend that I grew up with, married into a family that owns drive-in movie theaters. So when they upgraded to digital projectors, they have USB, HDMI and classic AV imputs to the projectors. So me and my best friend had the idea (because its a double-screen, back-to-back drive-in) that we would hook up our Xbox’s to either projector, and play a few rounds of Halo online with them.

Good life memory for sure.