Ken Block's epic RaptorTRAX is a monstrous tracked beast, fearing nothing in its path and obliterating all that stand in its way. Unfortunately, it could do nothing to stop horrible excuses for human beings from stealing a whole bunch of stuff out of the truck, including the light bar that sat atop it.

A load of snowboards, jackets, and boots were also stolen, according to a Facebook post that just went up from Sir Blockington:

LAME! My Ford RaptorTRAX was broken into last night while parked at a hotel in Missoula, Montana on its way to a filming mission in Canada. We had a lot of stuff stolen including me and roncar's board bags full of DC snowboards (including three of the one pictured here), jackets, boots, and other gear. The truck had its Rigid Industries light bars stolen as well. I'm very bummed that someone would do this! If any of you fans have any leads or know someone involved, please send an email to You will remain completely anonymous - and there's a reward too! #stealingSUCKS


What sort of despicable waste of life would steal anything, let alone the glories contained within the RaptorTRAX? The RaptorTRAX never hurt anybody in its life, besides some snow, and it did nothing but bring joy and wonderment to all who saw it.

Whoever did this, might as well have stolen Christmas, except this time Christmas is a big load of stuff from a ridiculous V8 pickup truck with awesome tracks instead of wheels, which makes it better than Christmas.

You, sirs and/or madames, are the Worst.

As Ken said, there's a reward for whoever can provide information that will lead back to the items' recovery. Even if there wasn't a physical reward, though, you could have the solace in knowing that you have restored justice to the world, and have righted a most heinous wrong.


And you'd have the appreciation of Sir Blockington himself.

As the post said, if you have any information at all that could lead to the stolen items' recovery, shoot a message to

Let not this injustice stand.