Historically, even Somali pirates would've ignored a ship filled with 2,300 Hyundais, but they've seized the Saudi Arabia-bound ship Asian Glory. Hyundai PR man Dan Bedore has an amusing take, saying "Even Pirates seem to be switching to Hyundai."

Although Bedore was kidding, quickly adding "In all sincerity, we hope for the prompt and safe return of the 25 crewmen aboard the Asian Glory," it shows Hyundai's willingness to take this hijacking as a compliment to their ever-better quality and public perception.

Pirates hijacked the ship some 600 miles off the coast of Somalia as it was en route from Korea to Saudi Arabia with a load of some 2,300 small cars. Nobody was injured in the confrontation but now the ship is expected to be held ransom, which, again, is something you'd never have expected when cars like the Excel were coming out of Hyundai.

Hey, look at that, a whole post about pirates and not one painfully forced cliché.


Photo credit VesselTracker