So You Want to Buy A Messerschmitt

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Microcars are like aged cheese - some people find them absolutely confounding and a little disgusting, and the loonier of us can't get enough. The problem with microcars is they don't really make em like they used to. Oh sure, you've got your Smart FourTwo and your Toyota iQ and your Tata Nano, but those are monstrosities compared to a Peel Trident or a Messerschmitt KR200. Would you believe reproductions are available of all your favorite tiny wheeled wonders?

Andy's Modern Microcars offers kit or turn key editions of many of the famous and comically small cars of the past. There's the Peel P50, the ever popular Isetta, and who could forget the Bamby? That's right folks step right up and pick out your preference in SUV spare tire replacement system. Prices starting at £950 for shells all the way up to £26,000 for a driveaway TG500 Tiger. Get em now while supplies last.

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Rob Emslie

I have always loved that the Messerschmitt looks like a walking fish: