So That Nice Citroens Might Live, Hanzel Auto Body Hacks Up This Rusty DS

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We took a look at Hanzel Auto Body Works, located in Oakland's historic Auto Row district for 90 years, last winter and saw that Henry Hanzel's shop is definitely the epicenter for all things Citroën in Northern California. A few weeks back, I got an email that started "I'll be cutting up a rusted-out Citroën DS at my shop in downtown Oakland tomorrow if you would like to come by." How could I pass up such an opportunity? Not only was there the promised sliced-and-diced DS, but several solid DSs, a 2CV, a Traction-Avant, and Henry's daily-driver DS wagon parked out front. Jump away for all the photos.

We've already had one French DOTS Bonus Edition today, but what's wrong with having a DOTS Bonus Bonus Edition? This wagon really is Henry Hanzel's daily driver; we're talking about a man who grew up going on road trips across the United States in a Traction-Avant, who drove a 2CV in high school, and whose parents owned Oakland's Citroën and Panhard dealerships back in the day. Yes, I totally want a Citroën now!