'So How Do We Like The Automatic BRZ?'

Since I spent today waxing nostalgic about the Subaru SVX, it's only right that we showcase what modern Subaru is capable of. The 2013 Subaru BRZ is a favorite of ours, and the one in this MotorWeek test has something in common with its older brother.


No, I'm not talking about two doors and a Boxer engine — I'm talking about an automatic transmission. In this clip from last year, John Davis says how much he and the MotorWeek crew dug the manual-having Scion FR-S. But they wanted to see if having a six-speed slushbox changed the game.

Their assessment? They like the manual better.

Shocking, I know.

MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program. How does this video only have 37,846 views? It makes me wanna hop in and "BRZ" ya later!

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