So Easy, a Kid Could Do It

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Flying cars that dart about on the collective power of midichlorians are still a few years out. One of the wicked easy things we can do in to conserve fuel in the meantime is check our tire pressure. This fact was not lost on Savannah Walters , who at nine years old heard that we waste four million gallons of fuel per day due to underinflated tires. She took it upon herself to start a crusade to show us how easy it is to save some fuel by checking our tire pressure. Tires will lose about a pound of pressure per month on their own, so check early and often. [Savannah Walters via]

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...And make sure you use a dial guage as shown in the picture, the pop-out stick guages are hardly accurate, plus many of the dial guage types have a bleeder valve built in, making fine adjustments very easy.