Snowfall And Driver Panic Leads To Second Huge I-35 Pileup In Two Weeks

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“It boggles your mind, it happened again, and you just think, you know, how many people are hurt this time?’” State Patrol Spokesman Nathan Ludwig commented to Iowa’s Channel 13 news in the aftermath of a quick blizzard-induced crash on Saturday that claimed as many as 70 cars. It only takes one person to cause a major pileup when there is inclement weather or a suddenly shortened visibility distance.

This crash comes just 12 days, and 12 miles down the road, from a 100+-car pileup that injured 11, and caused one death. No deaths have been reported in Saturday’s incident, and injuries have been reported, but a count has not been released.

Many drivers, even those who live in places where it snows regularly, just aren’t prepared for it. Whether driving too fast for conditions, or driving on tires not built to tackle cold and snowy roads, or just following too close to the car in front, it took about 70 cars plowing into each other before everyone came to a complete stop. The snow disappeared shortly after, and then all that was left was the aftermath, and a nearly-three-hour cleanup period.


If you’re out there on the highways in the snow, slow down, give plenty of space, and make sure your car is properly outfitted for the climate. It’s a rough world out there, take it easy.