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Ken Block totally wins at life. We've brought you news of his feats in the past, including the monsterous 171 ft. jump in his rally spec Subaru WRX STI. Now Block has joined with the DC Snowboarding Team for what they call Mountain Lab 1.5 - basically a chance for some the the worlds best snowboarders to screw around on their favorite phase of water and make highlight videos. The only difference this time is that Snow Park Resort in New Zealand was custom modified to accomodate both boarder and rallyist for action the Dukes boys could only dream of.

One of the more unbelievable shots of the car and a boarder together off the same jump in mid air is running on the cover of Snowboarder magazine this month so you can get big glossy pictures if you look for it on news stands. This certainly outdoes our normal snowboarding trick of bunny hop to shaky landing to comical snowball rolling down the mountain. We're also wondering if this this would be considered drifting. (sorry)[Rally]