Rimac Automobili, the Croatian car builder that brought us the blisteringly fast electric BMW E30, is planning to show their first electric vehicle concept to the world at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show. According to the manufacturer their all electric supercar will produce 1088 horsepower and 2800 ft/lbs of immediately available torque.

Dubbed the "Concept One" the manufacturer claims the car will be able to reach a computer limited 190 MPH, and is designed to compete with the fastest and most expensive vehicles in the supercar world. The Concept One is expected to have a range of over 350 miles on a charge. No details on price have leaked out yet, but we imagine this will be a question among many others that will be answered when the car is unveiled Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there has been no word on any future plans for the company to start offering hot rod electric E30s.

Hat tip to TheCroatianGuy!
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