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The Lawrence Journal-World is featuring a piece on Kansan demolition derby drivers, which also offers a few details on how the cars are set up. Mike Leming explains, "A lot of people think you pop the glass out, chain a couple of doors and away you go. That s not even close to what it takes to get a car ready for a derby.

For Leming, that means replacing the gas tank with a five-gallon aluminum keg, welding up the doors and trunk, gutting the interior, adding some type of cage-like driver protection and removing any rust from the car's frame.

Chris Cheek of Lawrence, offers strategy pointers: "When I drive, I go for the tires and try to get the front bumper off. Once you get the bumper off, that radiator is exposed. And if you get that motor running hot, it s not going to run much longer."

We're thinking of petitioning Denton for the cash to buy a Lloyd Dobler-esque '77 Malibu Classic, taking it out, smashing it up and then installing hydraulics and 22" spinner wires on it. BioBling's over. Jalopy chic is the new black.


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