Remember the Smart ForJeremy Concept? The one with the wings on the back that debuted at the LA Auto Show? Well, they're going to build it and sell it. I know. I don't know what else to say either.

The ForJeremy Concept was created by a partnership between designer Jeremy Scott and Smart. It incorporated the rear lights into the wings at the back and had some bigger wheels. The real one just has the wings stuck on at the back with your standard rear lights.

It's like when you're a kid getting ready for Halloween. You see Batman Begins, and think the Batman Suit is awesome. Then you buy one at Party City, and it looks nothing like the real deal and the mask falls off as soon as you put it on.

The ForJeremy Concept is that movie costume, the production car is the Party City retail version.


The wings are the unfortunate part, because without them, this thing would look pretty ok. The paint and interior are tasteful and it looks genuinely nice.

The car will be available with a choice of three powertrains: Two electric and one 102 horsepower gas version. There is no official word yet if it will be for sale in the USA, but the pricing that was released would have the gas version start at $43,500 and the electric models cost $45,400 for the 40kW battery and $53,000 for the 60kW battery.

I expect that it will be available, since Jeremy Scott is from America. They'll also need to sell it in as many markets as possible to make sure they sell out.


I'm sure you're all lining up for it now at your local Smart dealer. I'm sure of it.