Smart Presents New Art Project, American Apparel-esque Marketing Strategy

Because the Smart Fortwo is for the urban buyer, the company has sponsored an art project instead of a NASCAR team. Entitled "sideways. a smart art project," the project will include "work from the fields of photography, illustration, graphic design, painting, sculpture, architecture, styling, hairstyling and make-up... making creative statements about how we can promote greener modes of transportation." The result will be a book that'll debut at the New York International Auto Show next month for around $45.00 a copy. Some of the work we've seen isn't bad, though the above photo of the Japanese school girl birthing a Fortwo next to a phallic hopscotch court just moments before being eaten by a crocodile sort of loses us.


We don't mean to be philistines, but what specifically is the message here that makes us rethink modes of transportation? [The Financial, CarScoop]

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