If you pull up to a parking meter and there is still time left, it's like a stranger left you a wonderful gift. A stranger that you'll never be able to thank. Well, some soulless folks are looking to end your free ride forever.

These new parking meters from Photo Violations Technologies basically make parking enforcement officers obsolete. They have cameras in them that can sense if a car is in a spot. If the meter expires and you haven't refilled it yet, it will actually take a picture of your license plate and then give you the option to pay your fine on the spot.

But even worse, your free ride is over. If you see someone pull out of a spot and they still have time on the meter, the meter will reset to 0 before you pull in.

That is some hogwash right there. Basically, the town that installs the meters is taking the extra 15 minutes or whatever that was left and keeps it for themselves. Then they charge you again. Smart of the towns to make money on parking fines and such, sad for people that need to park in villages.

(Hat Tip to Bret!)