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Smart ForTwo Punted By Delivery Truck, Returned By Van

Illustration for article titled Smart ForTwo Punted By Delivery Truck, Returned By Van

Commenter and confusion artist extraordinaire Polar has dropped a set of pictures into our lap of the ultimate expression of Smart ForTwo v. US North American roads. While sitting at an intersection, a colleague of his (he actually has a job !?) got a bit of a surprise in the back end — a very large truck was interested in occupying the same space his Smart ForTwo was in at the time. Well, we'll just let you read sir Polar's take on things:

Yesterday a co-worker of mine was involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving a Smart Car. Rumors were spreading around the office that he'd been hit by a SUV from behind which in turn drove him into a car.

That was WRONG!

Instead, he was hit from behind by a five ton delivery truck which served him like a tennis ball across the intersection to a cube van! He walked away with some minor abrasions from the airbags, and was quoted this morning as saying that he's "just a little achy". Is a Smart Car safe? You judge for yourself, but I think it faired pretty damn well.


[Source: POLAR]

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Jeff Glucker

@selfhatingotaku: It looks like the Mini hit a stopped car whereas the F150 ran into Zeus, King of Olympus... holy balls!

@Mad_Science:I saw one on the 55 yesterday, heading towards Newport... It looked like the guy was trying to will it go faster... no such luck.

@MazdaEric: Its Wokka Wokka... jesus...