Slowly Is How You Get A Tesla To Go 425 Miles On A Single Charge

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The Tesla Model S is the most important car of 2012. And with the largest battery is officially rated at a 265 mile range from the EPA while Tesla claims a 300 mile range.


But what if you drive with a foot made of feathers and have tons of time to spare? Then you might just go 423.5 miles like David Metcalf just did in Florida.

This record wasn't under totally standard driving conditions. First off, they left their home at midnight to avoid traffic. Secondly, they averaged a barnstorming 25 MPH. And third, the journey around Florida took them an outrageous 17 hours.

Still, they did it. Metcalf and his son made sure to slightly over-inflate the tires to reduce rolling resistance and left the climate control off to increase the range. They might try for 450 miles in the future by switching to smaller 19-inch wheels and Metcalf might also leave his son behind. While it's a fun experience, he adds weight (albeit not much), which decreases the range.

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