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The results of a study to find the slowest-moving cities in Europe are predictable. More people equals more traffic, which in turn leads to slower-moving traffic. What's remarkable is the fastest city in the study, Hamburg, had drivers averaging 52 mph within a 16-square-mile area surrounding the busiest part of the city. But Hamburg obviously bucks the trend, as the slowest city creeps along at less than 12 mph, and many more cities were just slightly faster. Of the 30 cities examined, London (12 mph), Berlin (15 mph) and Warsaw (16 mph) topped for slowest. The list was published by, a UK-based provider of traffic information. The group's aim was to compare the congestion of British cities with those of their European peers, and determine how public transportation infrastructure affected street traffic. With three UK cities in the top five and six in the top ten, it looks like they accomplished that goal, no matter how wacked some of their results seem. [World Car Fans]