Slipshod Power-Number Reportage on Top Gear

Kasey Kagawa is pissed. The Hamster took out a GT500 for review, tossed it on a chassis dyno and came back with 447 horsepower instead of the 500 claimed by Ford. However, it seems from the show as if this was rear-wheel horsepower, uncompensated for the drivetrain's parasitic loss, while Ford rates the motor at the crankshaft. Either way, the methodology wasn't remotely qualified. Kasey, who is possibly the biggest Top Gear junkie we know, isn't taking this lying down. He's refusing to pirate the show until TG apologizes. We'll probably watch anyway while swallowing salt grains, but it does seem that the show's leaning farther and farther toward entertainment these days, whereas before, it pretty much struck a perfect balance between seriousness, epic hoonage and irreverance. Thoughts, children?

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